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5G product development and prototyping

You develop 5G-based products and need a low-cost 5G base station for testing? airpuls provides all-in-one small cells that integrate easily with your existing network.

Private 5G networks

Product development with 5G

We plan the network tailored to your campus on site. We measure the materials of your building, walls, floors, etc. and put together a package for you.


Using our proprietary software and mathematical tools, we can design your wireless network to meet your needs or optimize your existing network.

Campus Networks

Open RAN Campus Solutions

Unleash Innovation with airCell - An Affordable All-in-One 5G Solution for Product Development

Introducing airCell, our low-cost all-in-one 5G small cell solution – the ideal choice for developing products that utilize 5G communications. airCell provides a cost-effective and compact solution that integrates all the necessary components for seamless 5G connectivity. With its compact design and affordable pricing, it empowers developers to efficiently prototype and test their 5G-enabled products, accelerating time-to-market and fostering innovation. Don’t let budget constraints limit your 5G development projects – embrace our all-in-one 5G small cell solution and unlock the full potential of next-generation wireless communication.

Continuous Updates and Expert Support: Elevate Your 5G Development Journey

Stay ahead of the curve with continuous updates and access to expert technical support. We are committed to providing regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest industry standards and advancements in 5G technology. Additionally, our dedicated team of professionals is available to provide comprehensive technical support, assisting you throughout your development process. Take advantage of our tailored 5G trainings, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the potential of our solution. With our continuous updates and expert support, you can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of 5G development and drive innovation with ease.

Frequently asked Questions

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airpuls offers a unique combination of services for your testbed or private network, including planning, setup, 5G equipment and configuration, and management and optimization solutions. airpuls RAN offers lightweight, O-RAN compatible small cell solutions as well as high performance server deployments. airpuls RAN is highly customizable to your use case and it‘s open source options allow full access to all parts of the 5G stack for research and development and testing purposes.

airpuls airCell is a compact and cost-effective package that integrates all the necessary components for seamless 5G connectivity. It includes baseband processing, radio frequency components, and software-defined radio and networking capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for developing products that utilize 5G communications.

Using the airCell all-in-one 5G solution offers several benefits. It provides a simplified and streamlined approach to 5G development, eliminating the need to procure and integrate multiple components separately. This saves time, reduces complexity, and accelerates the development process. Additionally, the low-cost nature of the solution makes it accessible to a wider range of developers, enabling them to bring their 5G-enabled products to market more efficiently.

Yes, we are dedicated to providing continuous updates for our wireless solutions. We understand the rapid pace of technological advancements in the 5G domain, and we strive to ensure that our solution remains compatible with the latest industry standards and innovations. By offering regular updates, we aim to keep your development efforts aligned with the most current 5G technologies and features.

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive technical support for our 5G solution. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any technical inquiries, troubleshooting, or challenges you may encounter during your development journey. We are committed to providing timely and reliable support to ensure that your experience with our 5G solution is smooth and successful.

Yes, we provide specialized trainings designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in utilizing our 5G solution. These trainings cover various aspects, including configuration, optimization, and advanced features of the solution. By participating in these trainings, you can gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of our 5G solution and maximize its potential in developing your 5G-enabled products.

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