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airpuls offers a unique combination of services for your testbed or private network, including planning, setup, 5G equipment and configuration, and management and optimization solutions.

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Core competence

Open 5G campus ecosystem

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Our mission

We customize the latest technological solutions and open source frameworks for wireless networks to our customers’ demands.

We combine planning, customized 5G network equipment,
management and optimization to meet your requirements.

Key Features

All-in-One Solution

Customized 5G software for diverse applications


  • small form factor
  • indoor and outdoor deployments
  • dashboard for real-time monitoring

Open Source Software

airpuls provides full end-to-end 5G networks based on open source technology

  • cloud native deployments
  • transparent
  • highly customizable, full access
  • ideal for research, development
    and testing


Continueos support and updates to bring you always the latest 5G and O-RAN features

  • different support options
  • dedicated trainings
  • tools for provisioning and

Campus network planning

Careful requirement analysis and demand oriented planning for your premises

  • Optimal position, number, and configuration of wireless hardware
  • Based on latest research on wireless
    propagation models
  • Self-developed software and
    mathematical tools for planning
    and optimization
Airpuls | Open RAN solutions template

Open RAN solutions

We provide O-RAN compatible open source solutions for maximum interoperability with 3rd party solutions. The support of O-RAN interfaces (including E2 interface) for RAN intelligent controllers enable AI-based monitoring and optimization of your network.

Campus networks for industry and research

Airpuls | Training and research campus

Training & Research

With our open software solutions, you can analyse, modify and customize all parts of the network. Ideal for wireless testbeds and teaching.

Airpuls | Smart factory workers

Smart Factory

Planning services and 5G solutions tailored to your demands. Obtain a customized 5G network for low latency, high throughput, or mission critical applications.

5G Product Development & Protoyping

You develop 5G-based products and need a low-cost 5G base station for testing? airpuls provides all-in-one small cells that integrate easily with your existing network.


Airpuls | airpuls airCell product image


all-in-one small-cell

Antennas2×2 MIMO
Bandwidth40 MHz
Max. throughput130 Mbps
airMon dashboardincluded
Airpuls | airpuls RAN Software product image

airpuls RAN* software

*Radio Access Network
for high-performance server

Radio Access Networkprovided by customer
Antennasup to 4×4 MIMO
Bandwidth100 MHz
Max. throughput1 Gbps
airMon dashboardincluded

Unleash 5G Potential

  • OpenSource 5G Base Station based on Software Defined Networking
  • OpenSource 5G Core Networks
  • enables easy monitoring and configuration
  • support of O-RAN interfaces and services to support AI-based analysis
  • customizable to your needs
  • data recorded for offline analysis

Strong projects

The 5 steps to your project

With all our experience, we have developed a structured five-phase model for projects. This model ensures your high level of quality and reliable progress of your project.

  1. Contact

    Get in touch with us to clarify your wishes and expectations. We clarify your wishes and expectations.
  2. Analysis

    Together we clarify your concrete requirements for your own private 5G network.
  3. Planning

    On request, we plan your 5G network, including the number and placement of required 5G equipment in your campus.
  4. Implemen­tation

    We compile and deliver a customized 5G solution, if needed using our large network of partners.
  5. Active Support

    We offer continued support and updates after network commissioning.
Airpuls | Günther Bräutigam - Managing Director

Günther Bräutigam

Managing Director

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Made in Germany, based on open source airpuls RAN

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Airpuls | Günther Bräutigam - Managing Director

Günther Bräutigam